Orangeries – Bespoke, uPVC and Hardwood Orangery Styles

What You Should Know Before Installing an Orangery Conservatory

With more and more homeowners deciding to improve their home with the addition of a conservatory, an orangery conservatory has been one of the most popular modern conservatories. Our service experts have compiled a brief overview to help you decide whether or not an orangery conservatory is the right decision for your home. By offering a comprehensive definition, a brief history, and modern benefits, we hope to provide you with all the information you need while beginning your search for the perfect conservatory.

Orangeries – Bespoke, uPVC and Hardwood Orangery Styles

History of Orangeries

An orangery conservatory gets its name from as early as the 17th century, when growing orange trees and other assorted fruit trees became fashionable. Beginning in Italy, orangeries became a symbol of high status and wealth, and were highly sought after. In the 19th century, the orangery migrated to becoming a symbol of prestige not only for the home, but for the garden as well. Although they originally resembled greenhouses, made almost entirely of glass, modern orangeries utilize brick composition as well as glass elements. This enables the homeowner to benefit from the insulating features of brick, without sacrificing the addition of sunlight that orangeries are so well known for.

Orangeries – Bespoke, uPVC and Hardwood Orangery Styles

Typical components of an Orangery Conservatory

The basic structure of an orangery conservatory should include the following things:

Orangeries – Bespoke, uPVC and Hardwood Orangery Styles

Because orangeries use brickwork to form the sides, this type of conservatory will boast a combination of brick pillars and glass. Depending on how much sunlight you want inside your orangery, brickwork can either be extensive or minimal. Although labeled as a conservatory, an orangery functions much more as an extension of your home. Rather than a sloping roof that tends to characterise a conservatory, an orangery conservatory has a slightly protruding roof. Because this conservatory roof is made almost entirely of glass, it gives the impression of being a lantern, resulting in a lantern-style of roofing. The great benefit that an orangery offers is the ability to have extensive sky lights through the lantern-style roofing, as well as similar openings along the wall.

Orangeries – Bespoke, uPVC and Hardwood Orangery Styles

Because an orangery is composed out of brick, this offers greater opportunity for a homeowner to have temperature control. Brick acts as a natural insulator, but its sturdy nature allows for other types of insulation to easily be added as a supplement. Unlike a typical conservatory, the orangery conservatory offers a greater sense of privacy, due to the extensive brickwork. An orangery allows for the homeowner to keep privacy intact, without sacrificing desired exposure to sunlight.

Orangeries – Bespoke, uPVC and Hardwood Orangery Styles

The ability to use this type of conservatory year-round is perhaps the most sought-after characteristic of an orangery conservatory. The insulation from the brickwork allows for greater temperature control, which means that an orangery can be utilised regardless of the weather outside. This also increases versatility, meaning that an orangery can be used not only as a communal area, but as a guest bedroom or even an extension to a kitchen.


A range of different materials can be used to construct your conservatory, these include wooden, aluminium and uPVC.

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Aluminium conservatories can be used in a larger or small conservatory.

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Wooden conservatories are stylish and elegant, there are a variety of different woods, including oak, hardwood and pine.

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uPVC Conservatories are very popular and are probably the more cost effective option if you are looking for a cheap conservatory.

With a rich history of improving the quality and value of a home, an orangery conservatory is the perfect option for the homeowner who is seeking to add versatility and an element of natural beauty to their home. Though you may not choose to grow fruit trees as the orangery was originally intended for, modern advancements in home improvement technology have allowed for an orangery to add value to a home through a dynamic, wholly functional space.

quoteOrangeries – Bespoke, uPVC and Hardwood Orangery Styles

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