Doors – Double Glazed, Exterior & Back Doors

Bi-folding aluminium doors are great as exterior garden doors. They are slim, lightweight and very appealing.

Doors – Double Glazed, Exterior & Back Doors

French aluminium doors are one of the most popular aluminium doors, as they are both practical and elegant.

Doors – Double Glazed, Exterior & Back Doors

Aluminium patio doors are a great way to let in a large amount of natural sunlight, but at the same to maintain a stylish finish.

Doors – Double Glazed, Exterior & Back Doors

There are countless options for aluminium front and back doors. These doors promise maximum security, with a great elegant finish.

Aluminium Doors, Replacement Doors

Why You Should Choose Aluminium Doors for Your Home

Not only is aluminium built to last throughout any weather condition, it also provides a certain sleek appearance that cannot be matched by any other material. When considering options for your own doors, we highly recommend examining how an aluminium door can benefit you.With lightweight, yet sturdy material, aluminium doors are becoming increasingly popular. Aside from a standard aluminium door, homeowners can choose from a list of options, including aluminium sliding doors, aluminium French doors, or aluminium bi-fold doors.

Types of Aluminium Doors

For a homeowner looking to install an aluminium door, there are just as many possibilities as with a traditional wooden door. The most popular styles of aluminium doors are aluminium sliding doors, aluminium French doors, and aluminium bi-fold doors.

Aluminium sliding doors are perfect for patio entrances, allowing for freedom of movement even within smaller spaces. The additional windows that come with aluminium sliding doors also open up the home to include expansive outdoor views.

Similarly, aluminium French doors also offer greater visual effect, allowing for more window space and less intrusion from the door frame itself. Aluminium French doors can either be customised to slide, as with aluminium sliding doors, or it can open up on a hinge, as a traditional door might.

Aluminium bi-fold doors are perhaps the best option for a homeowner who wants to feel connected to the outdoors, without sacrificing the security and practicality of a door. Aluminium bi-fold doors combine sliding and hinging features to offer maximised outdoor access. Instead of hinging on the sides, aluminium bi-fold doors hinge in the middle, and have sliding capabilities on the sides. This creates a triangular outcropping, opening up the home and providing heightened ventilation benefits.

Why Install Aluminium Doors

Through a wealth of experience, our service team has seen a great amount of customer satisfaction due to the installation of an aluminium door. The most common benefits reported to Peerless Glass include:

Attractive, slim design

No matter what style of aluminium door you choose, you can rest assured that each aluminium door will inherently carry a narrow, streamlined design when compared to wood or plastic. This allows for a larger window, if desired, placing focus on the view outside instead of the door itself. Aesthetically speaking, with a multitude of glazes and finishes to choose from, aluminium doors are very customisable, enhancing overall look and appearance.


Durability stems from the material itself, as well as the sealing. Components of aluminium doors can be mechanically joined and sealed, resulting in a longer-lasting unit over time. This is especially important when considering a front door, as this will most likely get the most amount of use.

Low levels of maintenance

Maintaining aluminium doors requires minimal maintenance, with only periodic cosmetic cleaning. Aluminium doors can show signs of oxidation, a natural occurrence which may produce a dull, metallic residue. Removing oxidation is simple, done by gently rubbing the area with steel wool, and wiping it clean.


With a wealth of options and the strength to last over a long period of time, aluminium doors are a great fit for the homeowner who wants to maximise efficiency and the aesthetic appeal of natural scenery.

Aluminium Doors, Replacement Doors

To further evaluate whether installing an aluminium door is right for your home, our Peerless Glass service team can easily provide any homeowner with accurate aluminium doors pricing.

Aluminium Doors, Replacement Doors

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