Composite Front & Back Doors

Understanding the Benefits Behind Installing a Composite Door

Your search for the perfect door may lead you to consider installing a composite door, and here at Peerless Glass, our service experts can certainly give you all the information you need. Modern home improvement technology has created the composite door, made up of different parts or elements. These elements include a mixture of uPVC material, insulating foam, and plastic reinforced by glass. Depending on the composite door that you choose, there may even be wood or steel elements included as well.The service experts at Peerless Glass can connect you to a number of providers who offer composite doors, and depending upon the provider, the materials that make up each composite door may differ. No matter what elements your composite door includes, the overall benefits are the same. A combination of reinforcing elements results in a whole wealth of benefits. Understanding these benefits is a crucial part of determining whether installing a composite door is right for your home.


Doors – Double Glazed, Exterior & Back Doors

Authentic, timeless design, which combines robust and sturdy material as well as design and style.

Doors – Double Glazed, Exterior & Back Doors

Classic composite doors, in a range of designs and colours. These doors are designed to look and feel like real timber.

Doors – Double Glazed, Exterior & Back Doors

Traditional composite doors are very popular, as they combine style with security. These composite doors look and feel like authentic wooden doors.


The most common benefits reported by customers with composite doors are:

Superior protection against weather elements

With a combination of multiple elements, the best one to look for when considering thermal protection is insulating foam. This thin layer of foam will keep your door poised for optimum efficiency, protecting against cold air seeping through in the winter, and keeping warm air outside during the summer.

Scratch-resistant design

By design, a composite door is incredibly resistant to scratches, nicks, and other cosmetic flaws. This means minimal upkeep is required. This is mostly due to a weather resistant outer skin, which not only offers additional protection against weather elements, but also provides a thick outer layer of protection for the cosmetic surface.

Improved home security

Composite doors are incredibly sturdy, reinforced with a multitude of different materials. This combination of materials results in a nearly theft-proof construction. Composite doors are remarkably sturdy, and come with many different locking options.

Longer use over time

A composite door is made to last, and most composite doors have a predicted service life of at least 35 years. Because of its unique composition, a composite door is not subject to the many pitfalls that wooden doors are susceptible to, like warping, cracking, or bowing. A composite door will remain intact, keeping its original shape throughout the duration of its life.

Customised design

One of the best things about composite doors is the ease of customisation. Homeowners can choose from a variety of styles, including styles with multiple or single windows. Customising the colour of your composite door is also incredibly easy, with many providers offering a wide range of colour to ensure that your composite door thoroughly fits the design of your home. Although composite doors are made up of a conglomeration of materials, if you still enjoy the traditional look of a wood door, a composite door can easily be painted to look like a wooden door.


Modern advances in uPVC technology have expanded to include composite doors, making a thoroughly improved door for your home.

Composite Front & Back Doors

A composite door manages to accomplish high levels of weather protection and home security, without sacrificing design or durability.

Composite Front & Back Doors

Given these benefits, it is easy to see why composite doors are quickly becoming the most popular choice for homeowners in the UK.

Composite Front & Back Doors

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